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Faster success with 3D CGI.

With a 3D rendering, products can be presented, explained and marketed in a contemporary way. Fast and reliable – simply from your CAD files.

You have the design data. We have the know-how and the tools to transform them into breathtaking, photorealistic images. Images that will amaze your customers and competitors. Images that need not fear comparison with classical photography. Quite the opposite. Because 3D CGI is a true multi-talent. Color variation, section, X-ray view, 360° view – with CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) all this is no problem. And all this without any samples or prototypes.

With 3D CGI your product images will become future ready!

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File-Check offers security

Your CAD files are in the very best hands with us. Because right from the first step – the joint FileCheck session – we verify the quality of your files and define the requirements. This creates transparency and ensures security. Also in the cost estimation.

cgi expert Shading Lighting

The beauty surgery for your CAD files

With customer-specific shading and lighting settings, we transform your design drawings into photorealistic images that are convincing in terms of content and emotion. supaCGI – that’s the beauty surgery for your CAD files. Inexpensive, fast and reliable.

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High-speed rendering

supaCGI relies on powerful engines and real-time rendering of the latest generation. No tricks. No double bottom. Everything made in Germany. More precisely: exclusively in-house, on our high-speed render farm with up to 400 cores.


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HighEnd ReTouching

As experienced CGI pros, we realize your projects with a lot of feeling and the necessary sense for colors, shapes and perspectives. We leave nothing to chance. Every picture is checked and – if necessary – professional re-touching is carried out.

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Passion is at the beginning of every success. Together with supaCGI we were able to raise the quality of our rendered products to a completely new level within a very short time.
Danny Lang, Head of Design, RECARO Gaming GmbH & Co. KG

Just make your own picture.

Step into the digital future now by launching 3D CGI and make the competition green with envy.

No matter whether you have already gained some experience with CGI or whether we have been able to arouse your curiosity here and now. We would be happy to present you the almost endless possibilities of fully digital image production. From static images to breathtaking animations, we are your competent partner when it comes to visualizing your products in a contemporary way.

Just make your own picture.

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