Perfect presentation with 3D motion design

Blurry, pixelated images? Pretty annoying when video chatting with friends and an absolute no-go for online job interviews! The Hama webcam surpasses most laptop cameras many times over: Instead of 720p, it has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and also convinces with a high sound quality.

Razor sharp

Razor-sharp video and live streaming at its best: Whether homeschooling or Skype calling with the family, this full HD webcam delivers high-resolution video and audio. The lockable camera cover protects your privacy when you’re not using the cam.

3D Motion Design made bei supaCGI

It is clear that such an extraordinary product needs an appropriate presentation. Consequently, the motion design team of supaCGI took care of the holistic implementation of this project. The result convinces with creative camera movements and surprising cuts.

supaCGI – the little different 3D motion design studio

supaCGI has a very simple mission: we always want to deliver the best image and animation at the best possible price. To do this, we rely on the greatest talents and the best technology.

We would be happy to present the almost unlimited possibilities of fully digital image and video production to you as well.

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