3D Video Animation
HYBRID Protective Film

With an innovative 3D video animation arktis.de presents the product advantages of the new Beastprotect HYBRID protective film.

Since its inception, the Beastprotect brand has been engaged in high-quality, unique protective solutions for smartphone displays. For example, the HYBRID 3D protective film has turned out to be an absolute gamechanger and has been particularly well received by its customers.

Bulletproof glass was yesterday

The revolutionary, unbreakable HYBRID 3D protective film from Beastprotect offers the most advanced premium display protection thanks to its innovative material composition. In a nutshell, HYBRID 3D protective film feels and looks like bulletproof glass, but is much more shock-absorbent and durable because it is unbreakable.

A brand new, innovative applicator guarantees you a precise and simple installation on the iPhone display. The groundbreaking applicator is an absolute gamechanger and ensures a guaranteed precise fit that is easier than ever before!

supaCGI supports with 3D Video Animation

supaCGI has visually showcased the benefits of this innovative product for arktis.de with a fresh 3D video animation. 20 seconds of the very best Blender craftsmanship.