Bussiness in Motion

Animation is regarded as the medium of the hour. Video and animation can transport so much more in direct comparison to the static picture or the written text and awaken a maximum of senses and stimuli in an enormously short time. No wonder that more and more companies rely on this extremely valuable means of communication. Why not you too? supaCGI also puts your business in motion.

Hollywood for SMEs.

OK, supaCGI might not deliver the big blockbusters – we don’t want to! But we do produce technically highly sophisticated animations that perfectly fit your business – especially that of SMEs. Our teams of experts – consisting of engineers, product designers, photographers and animation specialists – communicate with you at eye level right from the start. We constantly strive to understand your products and services down to the smallest detail. This is the only way we can deliver supaRESULTS!

Fits any budget.

supaCGI has revolutionized access to modern animation technology. We have transformed what was otherwise reserved for luxurious automotive budgets into opportunities for SMEs. supaCGI offers high-end productions at a fair price per second. Depending on your requirements and complexity, we develop and realize your individual animations starting at EUR 30 per second. Curious?

Please call +49 5485 – 99 790 40 and we will be happy to provide you with initial ideas at any time!

Ingeniously simple!

supaCGI produces impressive animations and videos – easily and quickly from your CAD files. From the storyboard to the edited video, we offer you exactly the service your products deserve.

Everything from a single source. Made in Germany. At a fair fixed price. Satisfaction guarantee included.

You too can benefit from the almost unlimited possibilities of digital video production.
You will be thrilled by the enormous potential of your CAD files.

Upload your CAD files to our supaSERVER now and request a fixed price quote.