Architectural 3D Rendering for solar roof tiles

We were particularly inspired by the task for this architectural 3D rendering. Because the Stylist PV is both a roof tile and a solar module.

Large photovoltaic modules on the roof? There is another way! With the solar solution Stylist-PV, roof tile and solar module merge with each other and become solar roof tiles that discreetly and at the same time elegantly blend into the roof surface. This allows you to use the regenerative energy of the sun in an aesthetic way.

Aesthetic and durable

All materials used for the solar solution are weather-resistant, non-toxic and recyclable. Thus, the solar roof tiles have the same characteristics of durability and weather resistance as the normal clay roof tiles. So skylights, chimneys, ventilation pipes and antennas can go unnoticed when installing solar roof tiles! And best of all, solar roof tiles are visually almost indistinguishable from the original tiles and thus blend elegantly into the overall appearance of the roof.

Simple, fast and safe

Whether large and expansive or small and winding – this solar roof tile can be installed quickly and easily on almost any roof surface. Thanks to the same properties as with flat tiles, the roofing work procedures are familiar to every installer and are safe thanks to the extra-low voltage system (up to 120 volts; SELV in accordance with IEC NORM 60449). Solar cables and plug-in modules are located under the tile, so they are protected against weather conditions.

Should the roof be retrofitted with solar roof tiles?

That is no problem either! Original tiles can be easily replaced. The mechanical roof load is not increased in the process. Since the system is modular, it can be expanded at any time.

Architectural 3D Rendering shows roof tile in use

A roof tile – or better a solar roof tile – is best shown in use. In other words, mounted on the roof, ready for use. Especially since the Stylist PV is not only about functionality, but also about aesthetics. After all, a roof covered with Stylist PV does not necessarily look like a PV system at first glance.

For this reason, we decided to use a mixed CGI (a combination of photography and rendering) for this architectural rendering. The solar roof tiles were rendered photorealistically into the image in Blender, taking into account the original lighting mood.

Rendering at a top price

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