CGI Design for RECARO Gaming Seats

CGI design is a very effective tool in the product development process. It allows for faster decision making and quicker time to market.

3D renders can help you visualize your ideas without having to spend time on prototypes or physical models. The 3d design enables an easy exchange of information between different stakeholders, as it offers endless perspectives as well as virtual and augmented reality experiences.

With this new technology, you can create a whole new adventures with just few clicks!

Well established

3D design has long been firmly established in the classic sales channels. No wonder, because with a digital twin the marketing and sales process can already be started during the early development and design phase.

Moreover, 3D design offers the possibility to experiment with colors and equipment variants without any problems. Modern product configurators would be unthinkable without 3d design.

supaCGI offers a comprehensive portfolio

supaCGI offers a comprehensive portfolio of 3d services. From modelling and the development of individual materials to the interactive product experience, we are happy to advise and accompany you at any time.

RECARO uses 3D renderings in the gaming seat sector. With the help of 3D visualizations, new concepts are tested and all products are presented to the market.