Rendering from CAD files

Rendering from CAD data for MARTOR KG from Solingen – the leading international manufacturer and supplier of high-quality safety knives and safety shears.

The animation shows the many new features of the SECUNORM 540 in direct use on the product. The video is a classic rendering from CAD files completely without real film sequences. All camera movements and animation phases were created completely in Blender.

With their GS-certified safety techniques, the professional tools contribute to more work safety and to the reduction of cut injuries. They are therefore an essential part of personal protective equipment in industry, trade/logistics, crafts, etc.

The universal knife

Like the MARTOR cutter knives, the MARTOR safety knives are mostly used as universal knives – to quickly and reliably cut paper, cardboard and carton, foil, carpet, PVC, rubber, leather, styrofoam and foam, to open bagged goods as well as to cut through strapping and adhesive tapes. In addition, there are MARTOR safety knives which, due to their handle and blade characteristics, are used specifically as foil cutters, cardboard knives or bag openers.

Cutting depth of up to 36 mm

With a cutting depth of up to 36 mm, the SECUNORM 540 occupies its very own terrain. The MARTOR safety knife shows its impressive strength especially with foam, polystyrene, paper webs and bagged goods.

For all its specialism, the robust and ergonomic aluminum handle is nevertheless easy to use and suitable for any hand. When cutting itself, the proven automatic blade retraction protects you from cutting injuries.