Interior CGI – fully digital. Fully good!

Interior CGI as photorealistic 3D visualizations have become an integral part of the sales promoting staging of real estate, furniture and the like. In contrast to classic studio shoots, physical backdrops no longer have to be created here. No furniture or prototype construction, no elaborate logistics, no photographer. Everything here is digital.

Flexibility up. Costs down.

With our extensive studio archive, you have access to hundreds of top-class, premodeled rooms and an infinite number of decorative elements. Whether Bauhaus, country living, office or kitchen interior – with a lot of feeling and experience we stage your product in the environment of your choice.

cheaper than any photo shoot
unlimited choice of materials
one or more desired perspectives
perfect for print and online media
fast and photorealistic
from your 3D files
without samples or prototypes
colour and material assignment according to original
24 hour express service possible

Sold faster with Interior CGI.

With Interior CGI your products are much faster on the market. Because a fully digital workflow does not have to wait for samples or prototypes. In contrast to classic studio productions, we can already start working during the development and design process. Your 2D or 3D data flow directly and without detours into the image production.

Mixed CGI – best of both.

Mixed CGI is another powerful interior design content tool available to you. Mixed CGI fuses the classically produced photo with the digitally produced CGI content to create the perfect picture. This best-of-both-idea opens up great possibilities, especially for small budgets. No matter whether we use your personal or a stock archive – with Mixed CGI we offer you an inexpensive and fast production route. By the way, it also works great with moving images.