Medical animation for Lohmann & Rauscher

Whether it’s an explainer, sales or training video – we produce your medical animation for all medical fields. supaCGI transforms complex topics into informative and aesthetically appealing stories.

With us, nothing comes off the peg or from the archive – your medical animation is always produced completely individually for you.

In doing so, every production presents us with the same challenge: to always find the most creative way to tell a complex story without losing focus on the topic.

Our vision is shaped by the idea that a successful medical animation cannot be produced without passion, understanding and personal commitment.

A claim that obviously also inspired Lohmann & Rauscher.

Individual healthcare solutions

Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) is a leading international developer, manufacturer and supplier of future-oriented medical and hygiene products of the highest quality.

From classic dressing materials to modern therapy and care systems, L&R develops individual solutions for the problems of patients and healthcare professionals.

With the ReadyWrap, L&R offers a compression system with Velcro fasteners that can be individually adjusted. It was developed to make compression therapy easier for patients with venous or lymphatic diseases.

Medical animation is the pinnacle of CGI production

The accurate digital reproduction of medical products belongs to the royal class of CGI production.

Both shapes and materials are the result of years of research and must be reproduced with extreme precision to do justice to such a high-tech product.

The interaction of the product and the very homogeneous shapes of the human body also poses special challenges for our artists.

Complex rigging

In cooperation with Lohmann und Rauscher, this very demanding medical animation was created. A complex rigging, body deformation and an exact UV mapping are basic requirements to present the product in the best light. The compression bandage has to follow the shape of the human anatomy exactly when applied to the leg.

Smooth movements and deformations of the product are essential to do justice to the soft and adaptable materials.

Textures, seams and Velcro connectors were taken from the prototype and digitally recreated exactly down to the last pinprick.

This video highlights the outer application. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, however, a look inside the leg is just as conceivable. Keyword: How does ReadyWrap actually affect my body?

Stay tuned!