Photorealistic Rendering Krone BiG X

On May 20, 2000, the first Krone forage harvester named Big X rolled out of the Krone manufacturing facility in Spelle, Germany. The self-propelled harvester started its first test runs as a 40 km/h high-speed version and was communicated as a 540 hp bolide. With the new Big X, Krone completed its machine program, which has covered the entire forage harvesting chain since 2000. The Big X was launched with the EasyFlow grass pickup and EasyCollect corn header.

Krone relies on photorealistic renderings

Highly emotional illustrations directly from the CAD files. This saves time and is easy on the marketing budget. With supaCGI’s efficient rendering workflow, your products reach the customer much faster.

We would be happy to present best practice examples such as Krone and the BiG X presentation to you in a personal meeting.