Product Animation – sophisticated and high quality

Product animation plays an increasingly important role in the marketing of products and services. It not only guarantees a higher attention of the viewer. It also ensures a higher interest and involvement with the product.

Whether for brand campaigns or for the presentation of complex content, 3D media offer the greatest possible flexibility in presentation. 3D visualizations and 3D animations are becoming increasingly relevant for manufacturers’ products. For use at trade fairs, events, apps, interactive catalogs, websites, web stores or social media.

Present professionally with the HAMA “SPOT-POINTER”.

Instead of chaotically waving a laser pointer around, this innovative presentation remote helps you to attract attention and bring arguments to the point.

Quarterly figures and annual reports, presentation of new products, press meetings, workshops or PowerPoint presentations at university. Convincing speeches and dynamic presentations get you ahead – professionally, but also at studies and at school.

Product animation shows many new features

The “Spot Pointer” helps you to direct the attention of the audience. It focus on certain topics and to keep an eye on the time. Whether it’s a personal presentation, a video conference with colleagues in the home office or customers abroad – our innovative presentation remote control is also ideal for Skype meetings.

Videocalls, webinars or home schooling: digital presentations make the laser pointer obsolete. Our advanced presenter is equipped with a gyroscope and an accelerometer. So the pointer detects your hand movements and you can control the spotlight on the screen or monitor.

Unlike conventional laser pointers, this presenter does not focus light, but displays a digital cursor. This means that – in contrast to optical lasers – there is no danger to the eyes and you can gesticulate and move freely in the room without hesitation.

You can find all information about the product here.