Product CGI – the alternative to photography.

The advantages of Product CGI are obvious. The majority of all product images in the industrial and consumer goods sector are still traditionally produced in photo studios. Today, of course, it is mainly with the support of high-quality, digital photo technology. Nevertheless, every studio session beyond the actual shooting still causes a lot of additional effort:

– sample and prototype production –
– shipping to the photo studio or to the location –
– set up of objects on site –
– lighting and photography –
– postproduction: color correction, clipping, etc. –
– disassembly and return transport of the samples or prototypes to the customer –

That not only sounds elaborate. it is – especially from a business point of view as many hundreds of euros are spent fast per administration until the final image is reached. In addition, the shooting process is still relatively lengthy and coordination intensive. Our recommendation: render instead of photograph. With supaCGI’s new live rendering technology, high-end product images can easily be rendered from the existing 3D design file – in other words, produced completely digitally. Without any samples or prototypes – fast, uncomplicated and inexpensive.

As individual as your product.

Our main focus is on the development of customized materials. Often it is the barely visible optical imperfection – the small flaw – that makes the big difference. During the optical processing, your products receive exactly the attention they need to transform a sober CAD file into a product image that is both: convincing in terms of content and emotion.

Easy feedback through WebMeetings.

Even the best rendering will never finish without customer feedback. Only with your expertise, opinion, praise or criticism will a good picture become a perfect one. And because this is the case, you are cordially invited to look over our shoulder during the entire production process. In regular WebMeetings we present the current project status and coordinate important details with you.

Product CGI shows what is in your products.

It is often the small details that make the big difference. In particular
technically sophisticated products, it’s worth taking a look behind the scenes. With product illustrations from supaCGI, even technically complex facts can be easily presented. Whether as a static image for your print media or as an online animation: supaCGI creates new dimensions in product communication.

– as static image or as Animation
– interactive 360°-Views –
– exploded view –
– perfect for products in need of explanation –

Everything always looks the same with us.

And that’s a good thing. Because exact reproducibility is one of the most important arguments for modern 3D product visualization. Once defined, perspective, color and lighting situation can be looped through from image to image over and over again. A guarantee for images that are as perfect as they are precise, such as those that have become indispensable in e-commerce. The operation of a vehicle or jewellery configurator with its countless colour and equipment variants would be absolutely unthinkable without CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).
Make your product presentation future ready. With our extensive expertise in design, marketing and technology, we help you to make the best possible use of the enormous potential of your 3D data.