State-of-the-art rendering technology
for all requirements

Whether design, photography or film technology – you can’t do without rendering technology in the digital processing of objects, images and films. Especially in image and video editing, rendering is of utmost importance. It is the last and most important step before finalization, where the “working file” is converted into a finished image or video.

However, before the actual rendering process can be started, numerous upstream steps are required.

Everything starts with the FileCheck

At supaCGI, everything starts with a check of your 3D files. First and foremost, we check them for completeness and process suitability. Are the assemblies complete? Can the individual elements be processed? This and much more is checked in detail by our experienced 3D experts.

Based on the checked data, we are then able to provide you with a fixed price offer.

Highly emotional images are created

Once the 3D data is OK, we can get started right away. Based on your briefing, we develop a first draft of the desired image. With individual materials and light settings, we transform your CAD data into highly emotional images that can hardly be distinguished from a classic photograph. In various web meetings we coordinate the perspective and the final look with you until you are completely satisfied and enthusiastic.

State-of-the-art rendering technology

And then we can finally start rendering. Depending on the project, we use different rendering techniques. At supaCGI we use both the GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) and the CPU (Central Processing Unit) for rendering.