CGI Artist Luca Trapani
Luca Trapani

As a 3D Artist there’s a new challenge every day

Hi, I’m Luca, Senior 3D-Artist and Creative Director at supaCGI.

Already during my industrial design studies at the FH Osnabrück, I was incredibly fascinated by the seemingly limitless possibilities of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). While the skills I learned during my studies were valuable, they were only enough for a small insight into the activities of 3D design. With this in mind, I started as a working student at supaCGI in 2019. In the meantime, as Creative Director, I bear the artistic responsibility for all projects of the studio together with our CEO Moritz Radke.

Balance between technical demands and creative freedom

What appeals to me most about the CGI artist profession is the balance between technical demands and creative freedom. Unlike other professions, no two days are the same. That’s because you’re always confronted with the most diverse brands and their tasks. From high-end gaming seats to technically complex industrial goods, it’s all here.

The 3D-Artist can participate actively in the development of the software

As a 3D-Artist, I use a variety of different tools on a daily basis. Over the past year, I’ve grown particularly fond of the program Blender. I am a big fan of the open-source idea, where every CGI artist can participate actively in the development of the software. The consequence is a colorful community of especially dedicated CGI artists and a remarkable portfolio of features.

For complex simulations of smoke, fire, water and particles I like to use Houdini, probably the most complex 3D software package on the market. A powerful pipeline with a focus on procedural design makes the software especially attractive for experienced CGI artists.

The job excites me every day. There’s always a new, exciting project or skill to learn.