CGI Artist Lukas van Hövell
Lukas van Hövell

From artist to 3D artist

My studies at the Academy of Art in Münster and my training as a photographer at the Adolph-Kolping-Berufskolleg in Münster have combined for the best at supaCGI. The art helps me with the design of the renderings. Photography has taught me to deal with perspective and light. Since 2018, as a 3D artist, I can live out both in my 3D visualizations at supaCGI.

Interior and Exterior

In the photo studio, walls are placed, wallpapered or painted. Then decorating, cleaning and setting lights. Photographer, trainee, decorator and backdrop builder work for 2 days on an interior photograph. I can do this process alone in half the time thanks to CGI. For an exterior shot, I don’t even have to leave my comfy chair.

To infinity and much, much further!

My multifunctional tools are called 3Ds MAX, VRay and Photoshop. Constantly more plugins or programs are added, which want to be learned anew. Forest Pack, Blender, tyFlow and other programs expand the 3D space more and more.

Always further

You never stop learning. This is especially true in the 3D space. There is always something you can learn or improve. And that’s what motivates me every day anew for this job.

Senior 3D Artist Lukas van Hövell // +49 5485 99790-44