CGI Artist Kai Spehr
Kai Spehr

It started with the Lego Digital Designer.

With a computer scientist as my father, my interest in computer graphics was born in my cradle, so to speak.

The first 3D software I mastered as a child was the Lego Digital Designer, with which I created my own buildings without limitations. This was my first bridge into the world of 3D design.

Early on I played my first computer games and my interest in what might be behind them grew steadily.

Passion for abstract, digital art

I taught myself how to use Blender and realized that it offered unlimited possibilities to express my imagination. With a penchant for abstract digital art, I continued to develop my skills in my spare time.

My professional background is as a generalist in classical graphic design, as well as 3D printing.

When I heard about supaCGI, I took my chance to fully focus on my passion.