CGI Artist Alexander Westphal
Alexander Westphal

Hi, I’m Alex
CG-Artist at supaCGI

Starting out as an intern during my industrial design studies, I now work as a full-time CG artist at supaCGI.

If you want to present a digital product concept impressively as a designer, you need good renderings! So, as a design student, I delved deeper and deeper into CGI and eventually became part of the team at supaCGI.

Client projects from a wide range of industries and applications make the job as a CGI artist exciting and super varied.

The almost unlimited possibilities of being able to creatively depict products that don’t yet exist in moving and still images never cease to impress me.

As a CG artist, you never stop learning – software solutions and products are always evolving and we evolve with them.

I look forward to producing many more cool animations and presenting product concepts as 30-second blockbusters.

Because the best product is only as good as its marketing and the product images behind it.


CG Artist Alexander Westphal // +49 5485 99790-55