CGI Artist Edward Hill
Edward Hill

Hey I’m Edward,
CG artist at supaCGI

From a donut to working with large companies

Even before my industrial design studies at the FH Osnabrück I was always enthusiastic about 3D. Whether it was video games, CGI/VFX in films or simply art, I was fascinated very early in my life.

Starting with the various Blender tutorials on Youtube, I was able to awaken my interest in the 3D field and the creative process of designing very early. This led me to pursue my design studies, where I was able to learn many more aspects. Creating and staging products in the virtual realm particularly appealed to me and, in my opinion, also shaped my path to becoming a CG artist.

Since I have been working at supaCGI, I have been able to refine my know-how in the various categories of the 3D field and learn many new things. I have been able to try my hand at many areas – but animation and material production are what I like the most so far.

The job as a CG artist is never boring! There are always new clients coming in with new projects, which means you get to let off steam virtually in all sorts of different areas.


Junior CG Artist Edward Hill // +49 5485 99790-48