CGI Artist Nadine Lammers
Nadine Lammers

Hello, I am Nadine,
Junior CGI Artist at supaCGI

Since my childhood I have been fascinated by three-dimensional, fictional worlds – created with computer technology and creativity. The ability to create almost realistic worlds has always fascinated me and intensified during my time at university.

First 3D experience during my final exams

During my final exams to become a media designer in the field of media and communication, which I completed at the Adolph-Kolping-Berufskolleg in Münster, I came into contact with film and design, but also with 3D art. The knowledge I gained there, however, is only a hint of what a CGI artist can learn and work on.

From modeling to animation

Now I work at supaCGI and have the opportunity to satisfy this thirst for knowledge on a daily basis. From modelling and shading, to rigging and animation, it’s all there – although at the moment I’m most busy with animation.

Thanks to the diverse tasks of a CGI artist, you never get bored – every project is a new, exciting experience.