CGI Artist Lasse Schweer
Lasse Schweer

It all started with movies

It all started with movies and the desire to create images, purely from my imagination. Looking back, that was probably my first step into the 3D industry.

During my studies to become a CGI-Artist, I discovered my fascination for architecture. Which is probably due to the fact that my parents come from this industry themselves and they share my fascination, or rather I share theirs.

I strive to use the composition of light and materials as well as art to direct the focus in such a way as to stage each image in the best possible way.

At supaCGI I have come to know and love Blender and have been taught it from the ground up. Blender allows me to bring your imagination and desires to life. Down to the smallest detail!

Junior CGI Artist Lasse Schweer // +49 5485 99790-54