CGI Artist Marlon Steinhage
Marlon Steinhage

As a CGI-artist I am offered every day
new and varied projects every day

Hey, I’m Marlon and I’m a CGI-artist at supaCGI. Through my Industrial Design studies I discovered my passion for CGI. The unlimited possibilities in CGI offer every day new varied projects and constantly new challenges. As a CGI-artist you are a photographer, videographer, set designer, director, designer and and and.

I appreciate the variety

The skills you have as a CGI-artist never leave anything to be desired and there are always new possibilities to visualize products. I particularly like the diversity of the projects, which come from the most varied product categories. For example, as a CGI artist you can visualize a large agricultural machine one day and a filigree clock the next. This keeps the work as a CGI artist always exciting and versatile.