CGI Artist Sebastian Hagedorn
Sebastian Hagedorn

Opportunity for specialization seized

With increasing expertise in CAD applications, I developed a strong interest in all CGI areas. After I became aware of the company supaCGI, I seized the opportunity to specialize there as a CGI-Artist.

The special thing about the job of a CGI-Artist for me is the enormous range of tasks. These range from extensive concepts, which take shape for the first time in our company, to a simple power socket. No matter if it is big or small, as a CGI-Artist it requires a special sensitization to recognize and work out the special features of each project.

With every new project, I learn something new and even the projects that seem inconspicuous at first glance give me the feeling that I can continue to develop as a CGI artist for a long time to come.


Junior CGI Artist Sebastian Hagedorn