Sergej Wiens

Knew immediately that’s exactly what want to do

It all started about 20 years ago when I saw the movie “Matrix” for the first time. The visual effects in the movie blew me away and I knew immediately that I wanted to do something like that.

However, at that time I also knew that you can’t do such effects without a “supa” computer and I didn’t pursue the goal any further.

10 years passed and by chance I came across tutorials by “Greyscalegorilla” and immediately the fire in me was rekindled.

In the meantime, relatively elaborate projects were possible on my home computer and I soaked up everything I could find on the internet about “CGI”… a few years later, I quit my “industrial clerk” job and enrolled for a diploma in “Game Art and 3D Animation”, which I completed 1.5 years later. With a little stopover in Karlsruhe I am CGI Artist at supaCGI since then.

Responsible for Augmented Reality

At the moment I’m responsible for “Augmented Reaility” and everything that has to do with interactive 3D content in the web browser at supaCGI.

I am always fascinated by what is already possible in the browser without “special software”.

Interactive 3D in the browser is especially fun for me, because nothing is “set in stone” like a video, for example, but the “story” is rewritten by the viewer each time.

CGI-Artist Sergej Batgauer is responsible for motion design and augmented reality at supaCGI. You can do that too? Then apply now! // +49 5485 99790 –45