CGI Artist Lukas Amann
Lukas Amann

Junior CGI Artist Lukas Amann.

A feeling for form and color.

My name is Lukas and I am a Junior CGI Artist at supaCGI.

After I finished my apprenticeship as a carpenter, I decided to follow my sense for form and color and studied craft design in Münster.

My particularly good spatial imagination and manual skills were always my most important tools when designing and constructing furniture and rooms.

When I had my first contact with CAD software during my studies, a spark went off in me immediately. The possibility to design digitally, to produce projects on a laser or a CNC mill or to present my ideas as a rendering have motivated me further and further to dive deeper into the topic of CGI.

From hobby to Junior CGI artist

I have always been deeply fascinated by animation, cinematics, renderings and VFX. When I first learned about the 3D software Blender, I was immediately blown away and Blender quickly developed into a new hobby and passion.

CGI recognized as a passion

I especially liked the fact that I didn’t have to invest a dime in the open source software and the learning resources were seemingly unlimited thanks to the fantastic community. So when I graduated, my fascination grew into a firm goal to fully learn and master CGI. While I am still a passionate craftsman at heart, I have found CGI to be my passion and enjoy expanding my skills every day.