CGI Artist Moritz Radke
Moritz Radke

3D-Designer through and through

Hi, I’m Moritz – 3D-Designer, CoFounder and CEO at supaCGI.

In 2019 I founded supaCGI GmbH together with Matthias Reitz & a big vision.
The idea: to demystify the supposedly complex topic of rendering with 3D images that enchant!
It was never about implementing complex 3D productions with huge budgets. Our philosophy is still much more: to always deliver the best possible image at the best possible price.

3D-Designer and much more

With the help of a unique team of designers, engineers, photographers, architects & CGI enthusiasts we have created a workflow that allows us to create 3D content that more than does justice to your products at sensationally low prices.

2 studios, 400 customers

Works quite well so far. We now employ more than twenty 3D-designers in two studios and serve over 400 customers.

From startups to international corporations, we are valued as a CGI studio primarily for our technical expertise and our identifying approach. At supaCGI we don’t just push pixels – we always aim to understand our clients’ products down to the smallest detail. Only in this way can we present them perfectly and thus promote sales.

Update, beta, pre-release

It would be presumptuous to claim that CGI is still in its infancy – the technology has existed since the 1960s.
However, due to the rapid development and enormous increase in performance of hardware and software in recent years, the industry is stuck in an almost daily update cycle.
It is extremely important to us to always be up to date and to test every innovation – whether it is hardware, software or a fixed idea – for usability.
This goes so far that our testing and nagging has already led to fundamental revisions of various functions for an improved workflow at some software manufacturers.

So it’s safe to assume that if you read the tech news on GIGA or heise, we’ve already checked them for usability for your product marketing.

With this in mind, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to be at the forefront on all fronts!