CGI Artist Leonie Menzel
Leonie Menzel

Moving stories:
Motion Design and Animation

Motion design has long been my favorite area in the 3D world. At supaCGI I can freely develop in every imaginable direction and tell moving stories through the means of animation. Be it a client’s new development or already existing designs – we bring your product to life.

Hollywood or startup?

As a leading motion designer in the field of animation, our clients as well as your wishes are very close to my heart.

We always give our all to deliver the best possible result for you. Thanks to our broad expertise in motion design, we find the right way for everyone. Whether it’s a product presentation or a cinema-ready trailer, we have everything your heart desires.

Motion design as a guide

If product images and texts are no longer enough to explain your product, supaCGI can also stage your product perfectly in motion. Through motion design, your products can be presented not only very vividly, but also emotionally moving. You do not only show simple information, above all you convey emotions.

All for one, one for all

Thanks to our long experience, we have created for ourselves a smooth workflow, almost driven to perfection. We motion designers always work hand in hand with our product and interior teams. This allows us to draw on a vast pool of experience and ambition to produce your product video just the way you want it.

Past Future

At supaCGI, we don’t focus on just one program. Our motion designers have experience and passion in many applications, and the days of wild software changes will soon be history. In the meantime, we mainly use Blender for motion design and only work with the former favorites as a support. This allowed us to further optimize our internal workflow and create an excellent basis for all CGI artists at our company.

Highlights in motion

I am particularly proud of the animations for Durable, Westeria, Oase and BeQuiet. We’ve managed to create much more than just product videos here. The products came to life through the work of many talented motion designers and have been telling their own moving story ever since.