CGI Artist Leon Brinkhaus
Leon Brinkhaus

Communicate better with Realtime-Rendering

Hi, I’m Leon and I joined the team as a Junior CGI Artist in early 2021. I studied product design at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster in my bachelor’s degree and finished my education with a master’s degree in information and communication.

Enthusiastic about 3D Modeling and Rendering

During my time at university, I gained insights into many working methods in the design field. What excited me the most was 3D modeling and rendering. It allowed me to better plan my product designs and understand the construction already in the draft. I was also able to use CGI and realtime renderings to better communicate my ideas and convince people during presentations.

Raytracing, realtime, cutting edge technology

Besides my studies I was able to gain first experiences in my father’s architecture office. I started working with realtime engines like Unreal Engine, Unity and Twinmotion to make the designs of architects and planners walkable in realtime.

Going deeper with realtime-rendering

It was particularly exciting to use the potential of the new virtual reality headsets to dive even deeper into the design. I find the visualization of projects and working with the latest technology and software incredibly exciting. Every day new tools appear to create stunning images that are now almost indistinguishable from reality. My goal and drive is to contribute to visualizations that can compete in quality with the latest triple A games and Hollywood productions.

After my first assignments I knew that I really wanted to get into this professional field after graduation. With my start at aupaCGI it became possible. Here I learn something new every day and work together with the team to visualize new products and creative ideas at a high level. // +49 5485 99790 – 56