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Video animation for complex immersion cleaning system

Do you want to create a video animation that shows and explains the function of your production system in detail? Then you have come to the right place! We at supaCGI are experts in creating high-quality video animations for technical products and innovations.

We know how important it is to highlight and present the features and benefits of a complex technical system in an understandable way. That’s why every one of our video productions starts with an intensive product study. We get to know and understand your system down to the smallest detail. Because only then we can create a tailor-made and targeted video animation that convinces your potential customers.

Video animation for Atlantic TR

For this video animation, we took a close look at the multi-chamber immersion system Atlantic TR from BvL Oberflächentechnik. This system is suitable for the highest requirements for smallest particulate and filmic contamination in fine and ultra-fine cleaning. In this multi-stage system, different cleaning processes can be used. The modular design allows for flexible and individual adaptation to different requirements.

We create your video animation at a fixed price

With our video animation, we show you how the Atlantic TR works, what advantages it offers and how it differs from other immersion cleaning systems.

And the best part: we also produce complex animations at a fair fixed price.

So if you want to create a video animation that perfectly presents your immersion cleaning system, then contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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3d Model CAD Animationsvideo

Clay- or Greyshader

In the first coordination phase, camera movements and object movements from the storyboard are adapted to the CAD data set. In this step, it is already ensured that all innovations of the product are presented correctly and in the perfect angle of view. The storyboard is usually provided by the customer – but can also be developed in cooperation.

blender shading Animationsvideo

The Video Animation

After approval of all animation phases, the 3D model is covered with materials that are exclusively developed for the customer. In combination with the perfect and also highly individual light setting, an absolutely realistic reproduction of the digital twin is guaranteed. Subtly placed irregularities such as micro-scratches or fingerprints give life to the model.

VFX effects Animationsvideo

The Postproduction

In the last step, the final animation is finished with special effects, sound and text overlays. The possibilities are almost limitless. Whether it’s smoke, fire, air circulation, current flow or rough sea. Elements from the real world can be defined and made visually visible exactly according to customer requirements via parametric values.


After a successful basic determination, each video production includes the following work steps:

  • development of an individual storyboard
  • sketches of individual, meaningful frames
  • file check
  • if necessary, modeling missing components and rigging
  • procurement of required 3D and video assets
  • definition of the animation phases
  • clay or grey shader as low-res rendering
  • shading & lighting
  • low-res rendering for approval
  • high-res-rendering
  • final video editing and postproduction

The Atlantic TR animation video was produced entirely in Blender. The postproduction was done in After-Effects. The production time including all coordination rounds was about 8 weeks.

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