Virtual Museum

Our Virtual Museum offers curators a new, fully digital exhibition concept. We transform your exhibits into a unique, interactive 3D experience!

As 3D enthusiasts, we have spent the past few years exploring digital presentation options in depth.

Both on the product and in the room, we have extensive know-how in presenting the most diverse exhibits in a vivid, attractive and contemporary way. Paintings, sculptures, installations – all this finds space and is staged in a completely new way.

Whether with the mouse, via touch or with the VR headset – in the virtual museum, your artworks shine in digital splendor and transform into expressive art points. See for yourself:


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Stroll through the exhibition at your leisure and at any time, linger for a moment here and there to indulge in the pleasure of art. Take a step closer, study details – a virtual museum visit delivers art and culture directly to your living room with just a few clicks.

Touchpoints provide relevant information about each exhibit. Video assets and augmented reality features provide an additional layer for artistic engagement.

Best of all, none of this is rocket science. Rather, it’s the clever combination and use of existing technologies. With this pragmatism, we also make your exhibition Future ready.

supaCGI develops and manages your digital exhibition. From the initial idea, to the digitization of the exhibits, to the interactive enjoyment of art.


Are you also interested in a digital exhibition? Our team of experts is looking forward to hearing from you. // +49 5485 99790-42