CGI images for interior design and architectural visualizations

CGI images for interior design and interior architecture have long been an indispensable part of real estate marketing. supaCGI offers an equally comprehensive and convincing visualization concept for this purpose.

CGI images provide photorealistic impressions already during the planning phase

High-quality visualizations by supaCGI offer a decisive advantage: while your real estate is still in the construction phase or is being renovated, we can already deliver finished CGI images for your real estate exposé. A decisive competitive advantage for marketing your project.

Enhance your real estate presentation

With our high-end 3D visualizations, you will noticeably enhance any real estate presentation and leave a lasting positive impression on your customers.

Significant contribution to the purchase decision

supaCGI supports you in all phases of your real estate marketing. Starting with the planning phase, the visualization already contributes significantly to the imagination. Our photorealistic architectural visualizations convey lasting impressions that stimulate the imagination, give an idea of the proportions, the incidence of light and a possible furnishing of the property and thus contribute significantly to the purchase decision.

Real estate marketing taken a step further

The modern marketplace is the Internet. That’s why Google Ads are nowadays also indispensable for successful real estate marketing. With a clever and strategic symbiosis of CGI Content, Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads, we and our partners make sure that your projects are where they belong: on page 1!

CGI is the abbreviation for Computer Generated Imagery and stands as a generic term for completely, digitally produced images and animations.

The resolution and thus the possible use for offset printing can be defined individually during the rendering process. In principle, a CGI image can be created to fit any medium.