CGI Artist Christoph Brüggemann
Christoph Brueggemann

Fascinated by 3D-Renderings

Hi, I’m Christoph and I work here at supaCGI as CFO.

With my commercial background I fall a bit out of the pattern here between the creative artists. However, I had contact with product photography early on in my education. That’s why I know what kind of effort can be involved in photography and how you can despair of reflections or lighting conditions there. This is what makes 3D-renderings so interesting for me.

Independent of external influences

It doesn’t matter if it is snowing, raining or the sun is shining outside. You are completely independent of all external influences. The time of day in the background or a reflection on the 3D-rendering all this is in the hand of the artist – of course according to the customer’s wishes.

Another feature that makes 3D renderings so fascinating for me is that the real product does not have to be on site. There doesn’t even have to be a real copy of it to generate a photorealistic image of it. Even large objects like production machines and vehicles pose no problems at all.

3D-renderings – perfect for product variants

With all the uniqueness of 3D rendering, however, colors and materials of the products can be changed quickly and can be represented in many variations. A perfect scenario for product variants.

Of course, the variety of customers is also very exciting, since the clientele is not limited to one industry, but 3D renderings can be used wherever a product is to be shown or advertised.

Also in the field of architecture 3D visualizations are indispensable. From the exterior view to the virtual tour, it is possible to give the customer an exact impression of his object already in the planning phase.