CGI Artist Wadim Thiessen
Wadim Thiessen

As a CGI artist you never stop learning…

Hello, I am Wadim Thiessen, 3D Designer at supaCGI.

During my apprenticeship as a technical product designer I was able to gain first experiences in designing 3D data. I was able to deepen and expand this knowledge in the following course of studies in Industrial Design.

Through my employment as a product designer, I was able to experience the conception and manufacture of products at close quarters. The experience I gained in this field was easily transferred to the virtual creation and staging of objects.

CGI Artist means versatility

My ongoing interest in the activities of a CGI artist moved me to accept a position at supaCGI.

The creation of images and animations in shortest time, in different presentations and variations impresses me again and again.

The possibility to show products and objects before they even exist gives me the feeling to be directly involved in the creation process.

As a CGI artist, you never stop learning and I’m always happy to improve my skills.