CGI Artist tim Nicolai
Tim Nicolai

From oil painting to 3D graphics

I studied graphic design in Hildesheim and then worked in Bremen, Berlin and now in Münster. I started with palette knife, oil and canvas and then – in order to develop a video game with my brother – switched to 3D graphics, which hasn’t let me go until today.

The way of working

In my work, I try not to let the complexity of the software become a problem and focus on the composition, design and colors. I take my ego back and see what’s best for the client and their project.

3d graphics – a look into the future

In the future, 3d graphics will become increasingly important and companies will need to have a presence in cyberspace to even exist. By this I don’t mean just a website, but the 3D version of a website that can be experienced like our reality.

However, we should always be aware that it is an illusion whose boundaries are blurring more and more, but it will never replace reality in any way.