The 3D Design Studio from Münsterland

In the middle of the beautiful Münsterland we produce renderings, animations and presentations for training, marketing and sales in our 3D Design Studio.

In two teams in Münster and Ladbergen, we combine countless talents to always put your product in the perfect light. Product designers, engineers, photographers, animation specialists and 3D enthusiasts give your innovations the attention they need and deserve.

Product videos for Hama

With around 18,000 products, Hama GmbH & Co KG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of accessories in the product areas of photography, video, audio, computers and telecommunications.

With the smart WLAN LED lamp series, Hama presents a highly innovative product with many charming features.

Control light via app or Alexa

Control the light by app or via Alexa – this WLAN lamp illuminates your own four walls with a very special light atmosphere: whether relaxing green or imaginative violet, brightly lit or atmospherically dimmed – controlled from the comfort of your sofa with the WiFi lamp.

Adjustable color temperature

The color temperature of the WLAN LED lamp can also be regulated: from warm white (2700K) to daylight (6550K). For a harmonious, calm atmosphere that can tolerate a soft light, a value close to 2700K is recommended. The warm white color temperature is best suited for a romantic evening, a relaxing evening on the sofa or a cozy meal.

Anything that takes place before a relaxing evening at work works best with daylight: from home office to cleaning to cooking.

You can find all product info and also the one produced by supaCGI on the Hama website.

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