3D product animation LED WLAN installation spots

Some technologies, processes and procedures cannot be filmed, but they can be visualized excellently with a 3D product animation. Especially when it comes to processes that are not visible. Or when products simply do not exist yet.

We develop the understanding of the product, the technical capabilities and special features, but also the emotional world, which this product should transport.

3D animations are so popular mainly because their application possibilities are almost unlimited. From product animations to service videos, corporate videos to training videos for internal communication – animations from supaCGI can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Hama focuses on atmospheric videos

Romantic mood, perfect light for working and a relaxing light source at the end of the day? The smart LED recessed spotlights from Hama meet all these requirements in one luminaire – conveniently via app and voice control.

And that’s exactly what the 35-second clip that supaCGI produced for the LED WLAN spots is all about: easy installation, smart operation and lots of atmosphere.